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Employers with Strategies for Inclusion

We educate employers and communities on best practices for inclusion while advocating for persons with ASD. Our team of certified consultants deliver customized trainings and insights that contribute to positive experiences for employees and customers.

Here's how we keep Autism on the table and in the conversation...


Award-Winning Performance

  Our passion for ASD advocacy is visible through our performance, and we are proud to be the recipients of the following awards:

2021 CIT Supporter of the Year

2021 Dr. Annie Lawrence Mental Health Award

2021 Eustress Community Organization of the Year Award

2019 Crisis Intervention Team Member of the Year Award

We're Trusted By

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What People Say

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I loved telling my autism journey story with the ladies of Autism Color. It’s a great organization that gave me an outlet to speak on my journey as well as learn and find hope from other parents’ journey.

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I met Ms. Becky and Chavon at the 2021 Autism W6alk. They were both like a breath of fresh air, so6 sweet and informative. Eager to hear about the journey of my son and I, from day one, Ms. Becky cared and ensured me she would help us to gain access to resources for my son. In November, my son was diagnosed with autism. Ms. Becky was amazing in helping me to process the news. She was so kind and made me feel like family, which allowed me to be vulnerable when I felt like it was necessary. Autism in Color is an amazing organization that helps and encourages parents to fight for their children. They show you  how to use your  voice to ensure  your child is getting the care  they need. Their duty is to continue to raise awareness. They are doing what they can to make sure that the world can adapt to our tiny humans instead of our tiny humans adapting to the world. We definitely need a lot more organizations like Autism in Color.


I have yet to meet anyone with a passion for autism advocacy as large as the team at Autism in Color. They diligently work to transform outdated opinions of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and they encourage us to recognize their value in the world.


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Autism in Color Has a Podcast!

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